On 30 November 2016, Harcourt Life acquired the entire share capital of Altraplan Bermuda Limited from the OneLife Group.

Altraplan continues to be run on a stand-alone basis, to pursue the orderly run off of its business.


Altraplan is a life assurance company established in 1992 and regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. Its portfolio consists predominantly of dedicated portfolios for Scandinavian investors with products including dedicated funds, unit-linked, endowment and annuity products.

Altraplan formally closed to new business in 2004 but continues to meet its contractual and regulatory obligations for existing policyholders.


Alan Foley
Ian Maidens
Henry O’Sullivan
Paul Sikuku Nyongesa
Kent Smith
Paul Thompson

Altraplan Bermuda Limited is registered under the Segregated Account Companies Act 2000.