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Harcourt Life Ireland dac trading as Harcourt Life, is a specialist life book consolidator within the Life Company Consolidation Group (“LCCG”), with a primary focus on acquiring portfolios of international bond businesses.

Harcourt Life has acquired a number of closed book undertakings since 2015, including Scottish Mutual International dac, Augura Life Ireland dac and Union Heritage Life Assurance Company dac. Following the approval of the High Court of Ireland of a scheme of transfer, with effect from 31 March 2018 these portfolios of life business have now been amalgamated within Harcourt Life Ireland dac. Please refer to the Important Updates page for important information relating to this transfer.

Harcourt Life Ireland dac is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Harcourt Life has a wholly owned subsidiary Utmost Bermuda Limited which also operates a closed life book. Utmost Bermuda Limited is authorised by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.


Harcourt Life Ireland’s sister undertaking, Utmost Ireland dac is an an industry leading specialist in life assurance and capital redemption bonds for high net worth UK residents. Further details of Utmost Ireland’s products and services can be located at www.utmostwealth.com


LCCG is a specialist vehicle in the European Life Assurance sector, with operations in the UK, Isle of Man and Ireland. Further details on the LCCG group can be located at http://lccgl.co.uk/